Free song: I Surrender All

March 12, 2010 - By 

Here’s a new arrangement of I Surrender All for piano solo or violin duet with piano accompaniment. Recently commissioned for an upcoming recording, I wanted to keep in mind that not all church pianists would have two violinists “at their disposal,” so I decided to arrange this song to stand alone, if need be, as a piano arrangement. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

As always, feel free to download and use this in your church or school. Leave a comment and let me know how it went!

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  • Hi James, Just found this and we are playing it tomorrow in church. I put 3 violins on each part and it sounds really nice. It is really pretty. Thanks for offering it! -Andrea Probus

  • Sounds great! Wish I could hear it. If you get an audio or video, please share. Thanks!

  • I have really enjoyed your book of Getty and Townend Praise Classics so I was delighted to find your beautiful hymn arrangements. Quick question: I am a piano teacher and wanted to ask if I may use your free hymn arrangements with my older students. Because hymns are used less in many churches today, it is sometimes hard to engage students with them. But, I think they would truly enjoy your arrangements. Thank you for so generously sharing your gift from God with all of us!

  • Absolutely! Would be thrilled for your students to learn them.

  • Will this work for 2 violins without the piano? If so, I am thinking of using it for a violin/cello duo and bringing the 2nd violin part down an octave. Thank you!

  • It probably will be a bit empty without the piano part. You can try it, but it was really intended for piano and strings.

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