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Why Choir?

January 18, 2017 - By 

Recently, a friend of mine sent me an article on reasons why it’s a good idea for a church to have a choir. It was a good list. You’ve seen these types of articles, haven’t you? I gave it a read, wondering if I would discover something new, or at the very least find something that confirmed my already opinionated thoughts on the matter. (After all, the choir is a big part of my ministry.)

What stood out, however, was what was missing. I wrote my friend back: “It’s a good article, but the author missed the most important reason to have a choir: it’s God’s idea.”

It’s true, there are a lot of good musical, social, and spiritual reasons to have a church choir. As another friend recently reminded me, choirs are the quintessential “small group” of the church, offering tremendous opportunities for worship, edification, and spiritual growth. And this is all true and important.

But to me, the most compelling reason to have a choir is simply because it was God’s idea. From the early beginnings of organized Temple worship (2nd Chronicles 5:13, see the whole chapter), to the mass choir of eternal worshipers (Revelation 7:9-12), God has implemented, accepted, and enjoyed the ministry of the choir of believers.

Can a modern church truly be a New Testament church without the ministry of the church choir? Sure. Church plants and small congregations may find it to be low on the list of their immediate priorities. But eventually, as a healthy church grows numerically and spiritually, it would be wise to evaluate the validity of the church choir (even if it could really be called an ensemble).

And it would be a good idea… because it was God’s idea.


New Choir Music

October 28, 2016 - By 

I realized I haven’t shared some of my recent choral music, so this post will serve to make you aware of some new and fairly new choir anthems released within the last few years. Click on the pictures to access more info such as demos, preview pages, and purchase information


Not Ashamed

Publisher description: James Koerts’s rhythmic arrangement of Patricia Mock’s uplifting Gospel song expresses gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary and underscores the message: “I’m not ashamed to sing out His story!” Add the optional rhythm to amplify your worship experience.

Forever and Until

Publisher description: This anthem of dedication beautifully expresses the believer’s desire to respond to God’s call until Christ returns. “We are here and we are Yours, lead us in Your way. May we be Your messengers tomorrow and today.”

Read more…


I Will Sing

November 21, 2015 - By 

Publisher’s Description: Like a Celtic folk dance, this contemporary composition lilts from the page and into the heart. Immediately engaging, this melody connects with the words, beautifully presenting a praise-worthy testament of worship. Accessible vocal writing sounds great with smaller ensembles, while bigger groups will enjoy performing this festive number with the optional Celtic consort orchestration. Score and Parts (ac gtr, mndln, b, dm, pnywhst/fl, fdl/vn) available as a digital download.

Purchase your copies here (offsite).

See the demo:

If you can’t view the video above, paste this url in your browser: https://youtu.be/b3AngYe7cNE


Captured By His Grace

September 28, 2015 - By 

I really enjoyed teaming up with Duane Nichols for this wonderful song, Captured by His Grace. Here’s the publisher’s description:

This warm, contemporary ballad contrasts the life of a believer before and after experiencing the saving grace of Christ. Sensitive lyrics, a memorable melody, and inclusion of the well-known chorus of “Grace Greater Than Our Sin” will make this selection an instant favorite with choirs and congregations alike.

Listen to the demo here.

Preview pages here.

Purchase the music here.


Risen! CD from the Wilds

May 15, 2015 - By 

Here’s an album with some great new music which celebrates the risen Savior.

I’ve been privileged to write and arrange music for the music publishing arm of the Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC. This album contains three of my arrangements, and three corresponding orchestrations. As a budding orchestrator (am I allowed to call myself that?), I relish in the opportunities to orchestrate arrangements. It really is a great experience.

I hope you’ll check out this album, and consider adding it to your music library.


Memorizing choir music: confidence & freedom

May 7, 2015 - By 

Recently I was talking with a friend about music memorization. He’s seemed to have mastered the skill; I’ve never been good at memorizing vocal music. I can remember back to my college choir days, having to memorize multiple songs for one of the regular vesper programs we participated in, and thinking, “I must be the weakest link here. I hope I don’t sing and unintended solo someplace!” I’m not sure how I ever survived that.

Then there was the time when I was singing in a trio for a church service at my first ministry. We got up the nerve to sing the selection by memory. But that was before lyric slides (those wonderful “cheat sheets”), and let’s just say it was so bad, that all three of us laughed our way through the final stanza. Collectively, we couldn’t remember any of the lyrics. What a hoot!

So, yeah. I shy away from memorization. Read more…


Worship Leaders Lunch

February 21, 2015 - By 

I’m always looking for ways to grow our ministry team members closer together. A group that is talented and gifted can work well together, but I find that the closer their relationships are, the team works even better together. We’re a family, after all. And families spend time together and get to know each other… warts and all. Read more…


Hosting a successful choir kick-off

August 22, 2014 - By 

Hosting a choir launch (or, choir kick-off, as we called it for many years) has several benefits:

  1. It’s a great way to make a fresh start and begin a new wave of momentum for your music ministry.
  2. It provides an opportunity for you to invite new choir members to “try out” the choir ministry of the church.
  3. It serves as a fantastic fellowship opportunity for your choir members.
  4. It allows you to introduce new music, or present a new Christmas musical or other large work you will be presenting.
  5. It gives you a chance to introduce new service opportunities and impart your vision and philosophy for the ministry and future of the choir.

Our launch usually begins around the beginning to mid-August, around the time that schools are starting back up. Read more…


Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

November 26, 2013 - By 

Publisher description: Here is an approachable choral arrangement of Beethoven’s famous melody. Koerts gives us the perfect harmonies and textures to “lead us sunward in the triumph song of life.”

Preview sample pages and listen to a demo here.

Purchase it here.



November 19, 2013 - By 

Publisher description: Here is a very accessible arrangement of this popular Lincoln Brewster song that will find a welcome place for those choirs venturing into the praise and worship medium.

Preview pages and listen to a demo here.

Purchase it here.


Gentle Mary Laid Her Child

November 12, 2013 - By 

Publisher description: James Koerts provides a lovely original melody set to a classic text by Joseph S. Cook in “Gentle Mary Laid Her Child.” Rising to a note of majestic praise and closing quietly and meditatively, this piece is ideal for late Advent or Christmas programs.

Preview samples and listen to a demo here.

Purchase it here.


Glad Tidings Canticle

October 29, 2013 - By 

Publisher description: James Koerts and Rebekah Pringle have joined together to bring us a buoyant, festive setting that is perfect for Christmas. “The Promised through the ages, prayed for in the night; now announced by stars above, Creator of the light.”

Preview samples and listen to a demo here.

Purchase it here.


Grace Alone

May 22, 2013 - By 

Here’s a new choir anthem that affirms that anything good about us is only because of Christ and His grace. I have enjoyed leading our choir in this song; I trust it will be a blessing to you, should you decide to purchase it.

Purchase here.


Take It To the Lord in Prayer

December 14, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: The power of prayer and the faithfulness of God permeate this soulful contemporary ballad with deep purpose. This choral is a perfect “blended” selection as it mixes a modern song with the traditional What a Friend We Have In Jesus. The partnering of these two is truly inspired! A great “one rehearsal wonder” for anytime! Available separately: SATB, LiteTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:08.

Click here to purchase your copies today.


Shout to the North

December 11, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: An incredible message of mission is proclaimed in this uplifting and engaging song arranged by James Koerts. Includes optional flute and violin parts, which will add an fresh element of color and excitement to this outstanding rendition. Available separately: SATB, BonusTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:00.

Click here to purchase your copies today.


What a Savior

December 7, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: An impacting contemporary worship song is given an effective choral setting in this quickly learned octavo. A solid piano accompaniment lays down a steady pulse while the gently syncopated theme acclaims the attributes of our Lord and Redeemer. God’s mercy and his atoning sacrifice are major themes throughout this thoughtful selection. This popular selection will join young and old alike in a chorus of adoration and praise. Available separately: SATB, StudioTrax CD (Accomp/Split/Perf). Duration: ca. 3:58.

Click here to purchase your copies today.


For All that You Are

December 4, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: The cheerful lilt of 6/8 infuses this creative offering with a pleasing spirit that hints at a Celtic folksong. Filled with worshipful proclamations of God’s graceful ministry, this anthem is a confident statement of faith. Ideally suited for general programming, your choir will be encouraged by the thoughtful part writing and the supportive piano accompaniment. Adding the colorful consort instrumental option creates another layer of joyful expression. Available separately: SATB, LiteTrax CD, Digital Instrumental Parts (violin, guitar, bass, perc 1&2). Duration: ca. 2:48.

For All that You Are

Click here to purchase your copies today.


Remember Me

November 12, 2012 - By 
Remember Me

Publisher’s description: Appropriate for communion or commitment, this Mark Schultz song has become a timeless classic for this worship generation. Available separately: SATB, ChoirTrax CD. Score and parts (fl, ob, cl, bn, perc, hp, vn 1-2, va, vc, db) available as a CD-ROM and as a digital download. Duration: ca. 3:35.

Remember Me

Purchase your copies today.


Video: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

August 26, 2012 - By 

I came across this video of a teen choir singing this new release. Take a listen… they did a great job!


God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

June 7, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: Koerts brings us his usual practical approach to a Christmas song that every church or school choir needs to have in their repertoire. This piece can be rehearsed in little time, yet it is fulfilling to sing.

Purchase it here.


O For a Thousand Tongues – TTBB

June 5, 2012 - By 

If you enjoyed the SATB version of this arrangement, I’m sure you’ll want to consider this version for your men’s group. SoundForth did a great job of re-purposing this arrangement, and they included the C-instrument obbligato within the octavo.

Also, check out this awesome recording with men’s chorus, string orchestra, and saxophone:

Publisher’s description: Charles Wesley’s exuberant hymn is colorfully arranged for TTBB choir, keyboard, and optional C-instrument obbligato. The melody and accompaniment dance from the page, giving both your singers and pianist something fun to rehearse and perform. It will encourage musicianship from your choir and inspire your congregation to worship!

Now… go get it!



May 9, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: A communion moment from the Christian airwaves travels to the choir loft in this sensitively adapted choral. The heart-felt images of the table of mercy are presented with vivid imagery and sensitive music. The words are a bittersweet reminder that in Christ’s suffering we find our healing through his death we are redeemed. An insightful choice for communion observances.

Get a closer look here.


There Is None Like You

May 7, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: A powerful statement of confidence and faith, this praise anthem springs from the contemporary Christian artist genre but translates beautifully to the choir loft. A good balance of unison singing and four-part writing assists in quick learning, and the inclusion of the time-honored hymn, My Jesus, I Love Thee, is a pleasant addition. An excellent choice for blended worship.

Get a closer look here.

Purchase the music here.


Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven (The Children’s Carol)

May 3, 2012 - By 

Publisher’s description: This charming new carol from the creative pens of team Getty is a splendid holiday song. This unique choral teaches us about the miracle of the King of Heaven becoming a little baby. Taking us beyond the manger, the child grows and begins his life growing in wisdom and in favor with God and man. Consider this modern carol for the Sundays following Christmas incorporating your children’s choir for an effective worship moment. Oboe (or C-instrument) part included.

[audio:http://koertsmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Jesus-Joy-of-the-Highest-Heaven.mp3|titles=Jesus Joy of the Highest Heaven]

Get a closer look here.

Purchase the music here.

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