When things don’t go as planned

December 28, 2011 - By 

As much as you plan and prepare for a worship service or any sort of church gathering, there’s always the possibility that something can go wrong. I’ve written a little about this, if you’re interested in reading my humorous unplanned moment in one of our worship services. It’s not an enjoyable experience.

Cary Schmidt, a worship leader in a church in California, wrote a great article about his experience with a worship service “train wreck,” as he calls it. Sadly, I could relate to his very humorous experience. You should take a moment to read it.

The following video takes the prize. Once you’re finished dying of laughter, you’ll probably feel very sad for all involved. Admittedly, it is quite humorous. But I’m so sad for the dear people who were trying to be encouraging.

Anything can happen. Do your best to plan for everything. Then trust that God will work out everything else. And trust that no one is recording it!

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  • I actually knew the man in this video. We worked together for a few year and did his weeding. He put the video on America’s funniest videos and won $3000. which he donated to his church.Which by the way was about a 3k member church in Safety Hbr. Fl
    I have a few of those great foul ups. I have learned that God does some of His finest work thorough our messes.

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