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I’m always looking for ways to grow our ministry team members closer together. A group that is talented and gifted can work well together, but I find that the closer their relationships are, the team works even better together. We’re a family, after all. And families spend time together and get to know each other… warts and all.

I also believe (and promote the idea) that all those who serve in the music ministry are “worship leaders.” All believers are worshipers, but those who have dedicated their time and talents to the (often very public, sometimes not so much) ministry of music in the church are the ones who are leading the charge. They are on the front lines, and so they must spiritually in tune with God in order to appropriately worship Him. My goal isn’t that they’ll feel superior (they’re not); rather, I desire to help them see the importance of their faithfulness and dedication in this vital ministry that is God’s idea.

So, when I invited the “worship leaders” to a lunch, they understood (or discovered) that I was referring to all those involved in the choir and orchestra of our church music ministry. Anyone who has a part was invited. It was our first one, and even though we only had a few attend, I left thinking, “why hadn’t we done this before?”

If nothing else, it gave me (and the others) an opportunity to get to know each other more, fellowship, laugh a lot, and learn more about prayer requests and things people are going through. What a blessing!

If you want your ministry personnel to grow together while serving the Lord, I’d highly encourage you to do something like this. There wasn’t a lot involved, but I can already tell it’s going to be something we’ll do often. Everyone paid for their own lunch, it was drop-in (helpful for people with diverse schedules), and we’ll do it on a different side of town next month to help those who were unable to attend due to distance.

There are many, many other things you can do to build community with your team. Take a few minutes and leave a comment telling us what you’ve done in the past (or plan to do in the future) that helps build your ministry family.

James Koerts serves as the worship pastor of Mikado Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia. In addition to his full time responsibilities at the church, James is also a published composer and arranger.

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