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It’s been a rough few weeks here at the Koerts Music website. For a few months now we had been casually working on a new website design that would be rolled out as soon as it was ready. In addition to the front-end changes we were working on, we were also working on some back-end changes like hosting.

Then things started to get difficult. Apparently, one of the sites hosted by my friend who also hosts my site was attacked by hackers. While the hackers didn’t get to this site (don’t worry, I don’t store credit card info on the site), it didn’t stop Google from putting a warning page on my site, telling all visitors to enter at their own risk. Translation: the site was dead until we fixed it.

So this is what prompted us to make all our changes immediately. In the migration of the site, there were several challenges along the way, and there were several issues that popped up that we didn’t foresee happening. Fortunately, I was able to get some awesome help from an IT friend of mine. And good news: as far as I can tell, we are still friends!

So, it feels a little rushed, but we unveiled the new site today. There are several known issues that we will be resolving in the next few days. But overall, the site is fully operational.

If you encounter a problem, or see where an improvement could be made, please let me know by contacting me or leaving a comment. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to a great 2015!

James Koerts serves as the worship pastor of Mikado Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia. In addition to his full time responsibilities at the church, James is also a published composer and arranger.

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