Can you hear the crickets?

October 29, 2015 - By 

It’s been sort of quiet around here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, however. Besides my family responsibilities (you do know my wife and I have four children age nine and under!), and my full time job (music minister at the church), I’ve been keeping the side projects rolling. I can’t divulge all the details, but I can give you a glimpse of what’s coming up…

  1. New Christmas piano collection: Sacred Christmas, Vol. 2, is due out in mid-November. Look for this companion product to last year’s Christmas collection. I also have some single Christmas sheet music becoming available throughout the Christmas season. Look for that too.
  2. I just finished another solo sacred piano collection that I’m very excited about. This one is for a publisher, and plans are for it to release soon (though I haven’t heard an official release date yet). It actually was one of my favorite projects to work on; I’m eager for you to learn all about it… when I know more details.
  3. The Flex Instrumental Solo Series has gone quite well. I’m very pleased with the sales so far, and I’ve been even happier with the feedback. You can be sure, there will be many more titles added to this series.
  4. I continue to be thankful for the interest in my latest big collection: The Hymns Project. Be sure to check out the product page for this if you haven’t heard about it yet. Also, don’t forget about the It Is Well piano collection recently released.
  5. I’m excited to be at the Wilds Music Conference in North Carolina during the first week of January. This conference, geared toward music ministry volunteers and professionals, is a great source of fellowship and encouragement for many. I’ve had the privilege of attending in the past. They’ve asked me to speak on church music administration, which I’m excited about, as it’s a passion of mine. I love talking shop! Maybe some of you will be able to attend; I’d love to connect with you!

James Koerts serves as the worship pastor of Mikado Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia. In addition to his full time responsibilities at the church, James is also a published composer and arranger.


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