Website problems, and an idea for “Giving Tuesday”

November 25, 2018 - By 

Let me start out by saying that my family and I had a great Thanksgiving vacation with our extended family in Florida. Memories were made, feasts were devoured, and yes, Black Friday shopping is alive and well. We also celebrated my wife’s birthday while away!

But we started our vacation with a slight dark cloud over our heads when we realized early on that the website was having major problems. All our plans for a week of great savings for you went down the drain. Most people weren’t even able to access the store (including me!), and most of the discounts did not function properly.

I will be spending the next week repairing the site, and our plan is to reinstate all of the deals (at a later, to be announced, time) that we had intended to offer during Thanksgiving week. Thanks for your patience with me during this process. Just remember: I’m a musician first, and a website technician last. Very last. Ha!

Can I make a suggestion for “Giving Tuesday”? If you’re looking for a worth-while ministry to support, might I recommend a local men’s home in my hometown? It’s called the Next Step Men’s Home, and it’s led by my friend, Todd Robinson. Todd and his team operate a flourishing organization that has seen much growth in our city. Men from all over are admitted who are struggling with addictions or strongholds. Some men who qualify are even admitted as part of their sentencing by local judges. It’s a Christian home that biblically addresses addictions and these men attend our church and are active in our community. I’ve seen many men go through the program over the years, and I’ve seen the success and victories many have found. Lives have been rebuilt and families have been restored. I’d encourage you to learn more about the ministry here.

And if you might feel led to give to this ministry, send me a personal email that you did, and I’d like to send you a gift of music. Here’s a direct link to support their ministry.

Thanks for hanging in there! I’m grateful to all of you for your support, and I’m thankful to be able to partner with you in music ministry. All the best!

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