Level: Late Intermediate – Early Advance
Pages: 71
Arrangements: 16
Delivery: Digital Download (PDF)

Titles Include: America (My Country, ’Tis of Thee) * Battle Cry of Freedom (Rally ’Round the Flag) * The Caisson Song (The Army Song) * God of Our Fathers (National Hymn) * Home on the Range * The Star-Spangled Banner (National Anthem) * Yankee Doodle Boy * You’re a Grand Old Flag * America, the Beautiful * Anchors Aweigh (Navy) * Battle Hymn of the Republic * The Marines’ Hymn * The Stars and Stripes Forever * Song for the Fallen * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Yankee Doodle

One Nation (Book 1) Preview Pages
Under God (Book 2) Preview Pages

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