Hymns Harmonized

Take your congregational hymn playing to the next level!

What is Hymns Harmonized?

Hymns Harmonized is a church musician resource for congregational singing incorporating creative intros, a stylized hymnal stanza with optional repeats, transitions, modulations, and a reharmonized final stanza. Included are some of the most beloved hymns of the church.

Here’s what you’ll find in each arrangement:

  • A short intro.
  • A standard hymnal stanza.
  • An optional repeat bar.
  • A transition into an optional final stanza, often including a modulation.
  • A reharmonized optional final stanza.
Hymns Harmonized is an amazing resource for church pianists who want to support congregational singing beyond the four parts in the hymnal. These accompaniments are playable; tasteful without being over-arranged for the congregation. I’ve been meaning to write this book for years, and James Koerts beat me to it! I will definitely be recommending this book to church pianists.
Heather Sorenson


James Koerts has worn many musical hats: choir director, music minister, composer and arranger. But he’s also a pianist, and has a heart for others who serve the Lord from the piano bench. This new keyboard resource (which I hope will be the first of many) is designed to enhance congregational singing. It helps pianists to go beyond the simple notes in the hymnal, to add depth and majesty to hymn accompaniments. He has chosen popular hymns and provided a clear introduction, followed by a solid “first verse” accompaniment. Then the best part: an optional transition/modulation followed by a more elaborate final verse, with harmonic and rhythmic “upgrades” for a powerful finish. This book is a welcome addition to James’s expanding library of books for the church pianist.
Larry Shackley

Composer/Church Musician

I had the privilege of reviewing “Hymns Harmonized” for Piano, Vol. 1 recently, and was amazed at how creative and accessible these settings are! A helpful introduction is included with each hymn. The standard hymn harmonization includes arpeggios and other helpful hymn-playing fillers and is complemented by artistic turnarounds and key changes. For the final stanza, a clever and inventive reharmonization is included using alternate chords and fresh harmonies. Also available is a companion product for organ/keyboard so church keyboardists can play these fine arrangements together. Each volume contains 25 familiar hymns, making this a bargain for the music budget! If you want to support congregational singing in a new and fresh way, I highly recommend this helpful worship resource! 
James Barnard

Composer/Music Editor

Hymns Harmonized for Piano

Hymns Harmonized for Piano, Vol. 1

Hymns Harmonized for Piano, Vol. 2

Hymns Harmonized for Piano, Vol. 3

Hymns Harmonized for Organ/Keyboard

These collections correspond to the piano volumes.

Hymns Harmonized for Organ/ Keyboard, Vol. 1

Hymns Harmonized for Organ/ Keyboard, Vol. 2

Hymns Harmonized for Organ/ Keyboard, Vol. 3

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