Find a membership plan that works best for you.


$8.00 / month
Starter Plan

3 piano solo downloads a month

Choose from hundreds of solos

New music added every month

Auto renews each month

Cancel anytime

Piano Club
$25.00 / year
Legacy Plan

A brand new piano arrangement (of our choice) served to you each month

Includes the mp3 audio file

20% off all other purchases

Exclusive access to James via our Facebook group

Auto renews each year

Cancel anytime

All Access
$1,299.00 / lifetime
Ultimate Plan

Get lifetime access to all
piano solos and collections!


How does it work? Once you log into the site, when you go to purchase a piano solo, instead of seeing the normal “purchase” button, you will see a “download” button. It’s as easy as that! Once you’ve reached your monthly limit, you will see the “purchase” button again.

Do unused downloads carry over to the next month? Sorry. At this time they do not. Be sure to use all your allotted downloads within the monthly timeframe.

How many piano solos are available to me? Currently, we have 477 individual piano solos. Over the next few months, that number will nearly double as we make available all piano solos offered in the Sacred Snapshots series, the Sacred Silhouettes series, and a number of other collections that have piano solos that are not sold individually. Over the course of this year, we expect to have over 1,000 arrangements available for download!

Why is the traditional piano club now referred to as the legacy plan? At some point, it will not be sustainable for me to arrange a new hymn tune each month without arranging obscure hymn tunes or repeating titles. At some point in the future, we will discontinue this plan, and focus on the other plans. Don’t worry, we’ll give a year’s notice before we take this step.

Can I see how many downloads I have left? Yes. You can access your account page to see how many downloads you have left, and how much time is left on your current month.

Can I gift a membership to someone else? At this time we do not have the ability to gift memberships.

For the All Access Plan, is there a limit to the number of arrangements I can download a month? You can download up to 30 piano arrangements a month with the All Access Plan.