Complete Course Bundle

11-course download package. Save 30% when compared to buying individual courses! Our most popular package contains Theory for Church Pianists, Reharmonization, Arranging, Congregational Accompaniment, Play by Ear, Modulations, How to Chart a Song, Accompanying, Transposing, Playing Lead Sheets, and Playing Soft Music.


Arrangers Bundle

3-course download package. Save $40 with this package. Contains three very important courses for any musician who wants to learn arranging thoroughly: Reharmonization, Arranging, and Modulations.


Church Pianist Bundle

4-course download package. Save $40 with this package that is specifically for church pianists who want to hone their craft. It includes Congregational Accompaniment, How To Chart a Song, Accompanying, and Playing Soft Music.


Theory for Church Pianists

5 hours with a workbook. Covers all the theory you need to know to understand any of the other courses. Topics include major and minor scales, triads, 4-note chords, extended chords, chord progressions, intervals, inversions, and secondary dominants.


The Chord Toolbox

135-minute download course in two parts. Covers foundational triads and ten powerful 4-note chords in Part 1 and extends those chords to 5, 6, and 7 notes in Part 2. This is a great course to start with. It is an inexpensive way to get started and is very important information.


Play by Ear

2 hours with a workbook. Every church pianist should learn to play by ear, and nearly everyone is capable with some practice and help. This course is designed for pianists who read music but want to become more versatile.



1 hour with a workbook. Transposing is a very useful tool, and you don’t have to be intimidated. This course will give you a surprisingly simple method to make it happen.


Playing Soft Music

1 hour with a workbook. Learn how to play soft mood music underneath prayers, invitations, and at communion. This course will teach you specific strategies to change your sound from heavy to light and reflective.


Playing Lead Sheets

1 hour with a workbook. If you are not playing lead sheets in your church already, you likely will be soon. This course will help you learn to play when only provided a melody line and chord symbols.