Course Description

Want to start taking steps to improve your sound? This is where it all starts! This course is the foundation for all of Greg Howlett’s discussions on harmony. If you are a typical musician from a classical training background, you know your triads pretty well but don’t really know how to get to the next level. This course will give you a toolbox of all the chords you are going to need to know.

Essentially every chord frequently used in modern music is discussed starting with five triads and ten 4-note chords that are extended from triads in Part 1. Part 2 extends the 4-note chords into 5-7 notes with 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths.

Worksheets and drills are included. For most musicians that know how to play but want to go to the next level in their improvisation, this is the best place to start.

Suggested Prerequisites

1. How to read music (general basics such as naming notes and counting).

2. Basic theory (key signatures, simple intervals, how to build a major scale, and basic chords). We will review chords in the class so don’t worry if you are somewhat rusty.

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