Level: Intermediate
Pages: 64
Organ (2-staff) or keyboard
Delivery: Digital Download (PDF)

This is the companion product to the Hymns Harmonized for Piano, Vol. 1.

A church organist/keyboardist resource for congregational singing incorporating creative intros, a stylized hymnal stanza with optional repeats, transitions, modulations, and a reharmonized final stanza for some of the most beloved hymns of the church.

A companion product for Hymns Harmonized for Piano, Volume 1, this collection can be used stand-alone or together with the piano collection to accompany the congregational singing of a worship service. This collection provides church musicians with the resources they need to excel at the craft of congregational hymn playing. With this versatile collection, you’ll be able to accompany the first few stanzas with the standard hymnal harmonies and then transition to an optional reharmonized final stanza.

Discover new possibilities for improvising hymns, find inspiration for your own experimentation, and accelerate your service preparation with this comprehensive resource.

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Features of this collection include:

  • A short intro. Introduce the hymn, establish the key, and set the tempo.
  • A standard hymnal stanza. Closely following typical hymnbook harmonies, a creative and stylized stanza serves to establish support and confidence as the congregation sings. Use the setting as a springboard for your own improvisation and embellishments.
  • An optional repeat bar. Each arrangement includes a repeat measure which enables you to sing as many stanzas as desired.
  • A transition into an optional final stanza, most often including a modulation. Most transitions include a key change up a minor or major second into an optional final stanza. Transitions are not lengthy and help to confidently establish the new key. Softer or more flowing hymns don’t always receive a modulation, but the transition effectively sets up the reharmonized optional final stanza.
  • A reharmonized optional final stanza. Encourage the congregation to sing the melody in unison. Decide whether an altered tempo (slightly slower) is appropriate for stately hymns.

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